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Repertoire List: A Personal Approach

This repertoire list represents my own consumption and processing of Wind Band and Chamber Winds repertoire of all grade levels. It is by no means an exhaustive list, but rather reflects my own journey in discovering repertoire. 

A personal goal of this list is to have at least half of the composers underrepresented, and thanks to the tireless work of those working on databases dedicated to promoting works by these composers, it is easier than ever to discover their works and voice. 

This is a living document, and one I will continue to update. If you have a specific work you would like to recommend for the list, please fill out the "repertoire recommendation" form. 

Thank you for your interest and support!

Click here to view the repertoire list.

Repertoire Recommendation 

Thank you for submitting your recommendation!

Annotated Towner List with Playlist

Professor Cliff Towner's dissertation built on the previous wind band repertoire studies [Ostling and Gilbert] that examined our repertoire through the lens of artistic merit. Based on the results of the survey, Dr. Towner created three lists of repertoire, with the Part I list representing 144 works that experts in the field considered as having "high artistic merit."

Dr. Andrew Putnam added important instrumentation information to Dr. Towner's lists. As part of my graduate studies, I used Dr. Putnam's work and added annotations such as program notes and excerpts of written sources relevant to that work. I also created an accompanying playlist for the Part I list.

Click here to view the annotations.

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